The sign of good taste.

The following FoxNews story was picked up by the AP and appears in multiple newspapers across America.

SAN FRANCISCO — A vintage Coca-Cola sign decorating the side of a San Francisco house is falling flat with some residents.

City officials say the painted sign in the Bernal Heights neighborhood violates anti-billboard laws and must come down.

And that’s not the only offensive thing about Richard Modolo’s sign. Some residents also want it removed, saying it promotes obesity by advertising a sugary drink.

Supporters of the sign, which may date back to the 1930s, argue that it’s a relic from the neighborhood’s working-class past.


Well, I suppose this is just the latest sign that the crazy folks in San Francisco are still smoking a little too much pot, even though legalization failed. But, one can only wonder if a cannabis leaf painted on the side of a house would even be noticed. Perhaps the most amusing part of the whole brouhaha is the assertion that the mere presence of a vintage Coca-Cola advertisement will produce more obesity in the crazy citizens by the Bay.

So I did a little research. You can do that without leaving your computer, you know. So here’s my research-fueled quiz.

Which has more grams of sugar:

  • The 6.5 ounce bottle of Coke the woman is quaffing
  • A red delicious apple
  • A navel orange

If you picked Orange, you’re right. The Coke has the fewest grams of sugar of the three. Maybe they should ban fruits from San Francisco. Oops, no, what have I said. That would be totally culturally insensitive.

Oh, well, as the good folks in Atlanta first suggested in the less combative times of 1979, have a Coke and a smile.

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  1. Ron Brackin says:

    This from the town that also wants to ban Happy Meals and circumcision, not necessarily in that order:

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