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After a decade of writing, editing, procrastinating, and working on other things, James Curtis has finally published his debut novel, First Sight. Available now on, and soon on Apple iTunes/iBooks as well as, the novel is the first of a long-planned trilogy (or more) called “The Kerr Chronicles.” Each novel follows the First-Sight-COVER-KDP-BlogKerr clan through a decade of life, love, mystery, and conflict. First Sight is set in the 1920s and has a rich backdrop on which to unfold the drama of lives which are not always as they appear.

While a fictional work, the author interweaves personality types encountered in a lifetime of exposure to ecclesiastical superstars as well as historical figures like Franklin Delano Roosevelt and other key prominent people of the era. The soaring fortunes of Wall Street – and its dramatic crash at the end of the decade – make for a compelling context.

Some may believe that I am the eyes, ears, and voice of the narrator, John Knox Kerr, but alas I am not. I actually identify more with other characters in the novel. But I feel as though I have met Kerr – and other key figures – outside the pages of fiction. While the characters are certainly composite personalities at best, they come to life in First Sight.

As New York Times bestselling author, Ron Brackin, generously observed, this is “A historical novel set in the glamour and gluttony of the years preceding the Great Crash, First Sight is not your typical seamy/steamy, Roaring Twenties, Tommy-gun rattling pub-crawl. It is a love story with a Hitchcockian twist, that would be kinky were Hollywood telling the story, but which, despite its inner conflicts (or perhaps because of them) is delightfully dignified and uncomfortably human.”

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