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i100x takes its name from the New Testament Gospels. Jesus, speaking from a boat just off the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee, tells a parable about a sower. The seed that fell on good soil grew and produced a crop of up to 100x what was planted. That is my aspiration, hence i100x.

i100x is the personal website of Jim Killion. Over the years Jim has helped nonprofit organizations raise hundreds of millions of dollars for causes which improve the human condition. He has served nearly more than 100 of America‚Äôs most respected nonprofits, and has developed many concepts, like Relationship Fundraising, which are now industry standards. Along the way he has been fortunate to have the opportunity to mentor a remarkable array of direct marketing and fundraising professionals. Many now lead their own agencies or provide professional services to leading firms. Their awards have far surpassed Jim’s.

Jim is a pioneer in online communication for nonprofits, first creating websites and an online portal in 1994. He is the winner of more than a dozen International Echo Awards, including the rare and coveted Diamond Echo Award. He created the first two International Echo Awards websites as the traditionally mail-based program entered the interactive age.

Jim is currently chairman and chief creative officer of Digizent International, a provider of high quality digital strategy, UX, design, and technical development. Jim was founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer of Killion McCabe & Associates (“KMA.,” now a part of Pursuant). He has founded and led multiple companies serving the nonprofit community, including a custom direct mail lettershop and data conversion business, an electronic media group, a CRM software firm, and is7, an award-winning interactive group. He pioneered nonprofit streaming audio in partnership with broadcast.com, the business Mark Cuban rode to his billions.

Jim has served on the boards of more than ten philanthropic and industry organizations. They include: the DMA International Echo Awards Committee, the Dallas Symphony Association, the International Christian Media Commission (US Chairman), and the Baylor University Social Work Advisory Board.

Jim earned his Bachelor of Arts in History at the University of Southern California and his Master of Theology in Education at Dallas Theological Seminary.

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